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Job and Guide is a platform where everyone can share their teachings, thoughts and opinions related to job and education. You can write for us. We currently do not pay for your writing.

What stays on Job and Guide?

You are welcome to submit news reports, articles,and tips and tricks . However, we do not publish poetry and fiction but we publish success story which will help to inspire our readers. Got questions? E-mail the editors at info@jobandguide.com.

No plagiarism or copyright infringement:

Plagiarism or copying content from others is nothing less than stealing. Send only your own work. After publishing on this website if any one claim about your writing then you will be responsible.

What broadly counts as plagiarism?

  1. Submitting someone else’s work, or parts of it as your own.
  2. Copying someone else’s ideas or words without providing a source or giving due credit.
  3. Not using quotation marks while using a direct quote taken from another source.

No personal attacks:

Anything that violates or infringes upon someone else’ rights and attacks them personally for their beliefs and choices will not be accepted. You can attack the argument but not the individual.

Nothing discriminatory in nature:

We have all kinds of people belonging to different faiths, nationalities and all across the gender and sexuality spectrum contributing to our community. And we love them and are proud of all of them. This also means, no content that is in any way discriminatory in nature towards any community shall be published.

No incorrect facts or unreliable sources

If you are using facts/stats/data/quotes from external sources, make you sure add a link to the source either at the end of your writing, or hyperlink the relevant words. In case your source is not online, mention full details of your source.

No pornography

It is a crime to create, display, distribute, import, or publish pornography or obscene materials. We do not publish erotica or young adult content. So don’t send us erotica.

Keep in mind:

Any content that violates the above guidelines will not be publish. In some case, we do reserve the right to remove or replace specific lines, words of phrases in your content that violate these guidelines.

Your writing language must be English. We accept only digital copy like PDF or Microsoft office Word file. No Scan or JPG or image file will be allowed. You can also send your writing via mail. Must write your full name and address with phone number at the end of your writing.

However, while trying our best to implement the above, we do reserve the right to reject or edit any work without prior notice, for reasons, especially to protect the rights of others and our services.

If you find a post that violates these guidelines, please immediately email us at info@jobandguide.com

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