Job and Guide

The Job and Guide is a popular daily job news site of India. Ikeworld is a well-known organisation. The team of Ikeworld maintains this site. Ibrahim Mondal is the chief editor of the Job and Guide. The aim of this site is helping to all students who are preparing for the competitive examination.

As there are many other websites available on the same topic but Job and Guide is different from others. It covers all the competitive exams. Most of the sites available on the internet only cover the govt. job. But Job and Guide alone cover govt. jobs and private company jobs. Not only that it also provides the news of the scholarship and admission.

Job and Guide believe on trust. And it’s editor believes that readers are our souls. So we should provide what our souls want to read. So there is a great opportunity for the readers. They can also participate and write for the Job and Guide. The writings may be his experience or tips for others. This is very interesting.

As it is job site most of its content relates to the job. The guidance that provides also on job and entrance examination. The experts of this site provide free study materials for preparation.  The is very user-friendly as it has separated its column according to qualification. There is also available free subscription option which helps readers or visitors to get the notification about new content.

If any student thinks that he will prepare himself for govt job then the Job and Guide is very helpful. It provides the news and tips for Group-D to IAS, IPS level. State civil services like WBCS and other exams like staff selection are also in the target of Job and Guide.

So, this is an important site for you if you are preparing yourself for competition. Not only the govt jobs it also equally helps you to get private sectors job. It will provide you all the required materials and tips for written examination and interview.

Another good practice is daily GK. daily gk update with weekly and monthly gk booster helps to all the candidates. Normally Gk is very tough to remember so the team of expert make various tricks that will help to remember Gk easily.

As it is a part of IKEWORLD group students can learn all notes based on NCERT. The main website of Ikeworld will also help to get summary of every book of CBSE and ICSE which is very helpful. A lot of videos available on Youtube channel of Ikeworld that is truly helpful and highly recommended.