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Career Aspects After an MBA

Are you worry about your career? Have MBA? These Career aspects after an MBA is for you.

The power struggle and the chase to bag a higher salary package begins once you complete your MBA degree. Since MBA is a common go-to for most of the aspirants, the stakes of scoring hefty pay packages are high. And, so is getting a job in the first place. However, if you graduate with high-scores, the avenue of opportunities awaits you after an MBA.

Needless to say, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is a career path that rules all the present jobs. Be it an engineer, a commerce graduate or an art enthusiast; everyone is striving for it to excel in their respective domain. And, the emerging opportunities agree with the flow. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the scope for management jobs is expected to grow 8% faster than the other fields.

With that being said, we’ve sought out a list of incredibly rewarding job opportunities after MBA. Read along.

7 Types of Jobs After An MBA

Each MBA aspirant invests in the degree with an objective to get a high ROI (return on investment) on completion of the programme. So, to help you harness your goal, we’ve scooped seven types of jobs that every MBA graduate could dream for.

  • Enter the Digital Market

With digital currency, digital education and digital marketing being on the boom, the job opportunities in this field are numerous. Besides, your good acumen of technical plus soft skills will be a perfect fit for this industry.

Aspirants interested in digital space and have a nook for developing strategies can find both opportunities and money in this field. The various positions for digital marketing include digital marketing manager, SEO analyst, content strategist, social media manager, etc.

  • Focus on Strengthening Your Finance

It’s good news for all the finance enthusiasts out there. With a hike for real-time payments, increased use of blockchain technology, jobs in financial technology will be growing globally. Besides, it has come to the knowledge that most of the MBA aspirants spend their internship working with companies known for their niche in financial technology (fintech).

And, what these MNCs are looking? To recruit MBA graduates with cross-business skills who can apply their learning in a variety of work to improve all facets of the business. So, if you think you are one of them, this industry has multiple job opportunities for you.

  • Hone Your Analytical Skill

An individual with an analytical mind is jack-of-all-trades and companies pay big bucks to recruit such people. From daily business operations, purchasing and inventory to policy creation, the employee is required to manage everything.

And, who does that better than an MBA? So, the people looking for something challenging with a mix of multitasking, being an operations manager or business analyst is your area of play.

  • Hack into the World of Cyber Security

Bank account fraud, computer hacked, personal information leaked and many others. These are some examples of cyber crimes reported due to lack of management in cybersecurity. Strict strategies and fail-proof security applications are needed to make this stop for which IT professionals with excellent MBA degrees are hired.

If you feel you can design security passwords, lead a team of software security engineers and be proactive every minute, this field calls you with abundant perks and opportunities.

  • Dive in for Some Headhunting

If you have dreamt of having a stronghold on the work culture and have various ways to achieve it, MBA in HR is the field you are fit for. Besides, the job prospects after an MBA in HR are way too many. Consulting, MNCs, Educational Institutions, Healthcare Establishments and every other organization needs a human resource manager.

It’s your pick which industry serves your best interest and how early you can grow there. There is nothing that can hold you back if you are polite, pragmatic and people’s go-to.

  • Be Your Own Boss

Setting up your own business may sound cliché, but most of the aspirants enrol in an MBA programme with the sole motive to enhance their skills. Their philosophy is simple – learn from the best and try to gather as much knowledge as you can. Also, they try to make strong connections that might help them in the future.

Easier said than done, but, startups like Graphcore, Deep Map, Allbirds, Daily Harvest, etc., are making it big. And, so can you. You have the skills; you have the idea, it’s just you need to put the key into the ignition and get going. Besides, if you want, you can also work while trying to lay the ground for your business.

  • Bring Your A Game to Event Planning

Well, for starters this field may sound odd to you, but it is full of perks and passion. With a large acquisition of events like weddings, business conferences, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvah, etc., this industry is growing exponentially.

And, to tame this growing industry, the need for talented and skilled managers is constantly on the rise. Top companies like Wizcraft, Quintessentially Events, Wonderland, MKG, etc., look for potential MBA graduates to be a part of them. The aspirants who believe in the fun while working should place their bets in this field. Positions like event manager, public relation manager, brand development manager await you.

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is a versatile field. If you have worked hard and learned the skills this degree offers, there is nothing that can halt your future. Just pick your field wisely and get the ball rolling for success.

Career Aspects After an MBA

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