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Success isn’t just about how long or how hard you work – it’s about what you work at. And why you keep working at it. Success is absolutely about what you focus on and ensuring you use your time productively.

Working hard isn’t always a guarantee of career successbut working smart is.

I have started my career as a digital influencer. At the starting, many people talked about me and my future, most of the comments among them were negative. Their negative comments inspire me to prepare myself.

Just ignore them who talked negatively. Your future is in your hands.  Only smart works make you perfect and help you to achieve your goal.

According to data released by Census 2011, underemployment still remains a critical social issue where more than 20% of Indian youth – between the age bracket of 15-24 – remains jobless. This translates into nearly 4.7 crore Indians being jobless, out of which 2.6 crores were men, and 2.1 crores were women.

The above information clearly indicates how much tough to set a career these days. When govt. notification release for a new post,  thousands of people apply for only one post. That means 99% of applicants will eliminate and only one will be selected.

I, Mehak Whig starts this website Job and Guide to help you. Not only the govt Job but also we write here about freelancing and many other ways. This is the perfect place if you want to set your career.

I always try my best to give you the right information that saves your time end helps you to focus on your goal. So, don’t worry just visit this website and learn.

At last, I want to thanks all the executives of Ikeworld who always work hard to maintain this website.

I would like to extend my special thanks to

  • Ramij Raja (Chief advisor of Ikeworld)
  • Ibrahim Mondal (Assitant Editor)
  • Arnob Roy (Digital Marketing)
  • Sk Masud Reja (Web Developer)
  • Morsed Ul Arifin (SEO and Quality Check)
  • Fardin Nesa (Content Writer)
  • Asha Mandal (Content Writer)
  • Eid Mohammad (Content Writer)
  • Aminul Islam (Content Writer)
  • Adv. Abdul Aziz (Legal adviser)

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