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Amrit Foundation of India targets to further the development and wellbeing of all Indians. So they may individually and collectively reach their apex influential.

About Amrit foundation:

Their current focus has on children with intellectual and developmental challenges. Through their flagship programmer, The Little Peepul Tree. In Indian folklore, the ‘peepul’ tree is the tree of wisdom and understanding. Gautam attained Buddhahood while meditating under the peepul or bodhi tree. The name is also a play on the word peepul – meaning both the peepul tree as well as little people.

Amrit team works hard to find ways to create a level playing field. The children with intellectual and developmental challenges. They can too, can play a meaningful role in building tomorrow’s India. Since they were set up in 2012, They have made big strides.they have…

  • They Created a large database of service providers working. The children with challenges, making it easier for caregivers to find the help their children need
  • They Carried out research to create new evidence. The experience of caring for a child with intellectual challenges in India
  • They Hosted events for children with challenges, allowing them to participate in mainstream activities such as Raahgiri
  • They Sensitized hundreds of young people across Delhi to the experiences of persons with challenges

These are just some of their successes – read their  Annual Reports for more details and also visit ‘What we Do’ to find out what they were currently up to.

Amrit Foundation of India is registered under the Societies Act, 1860.

They are recognizing that there is little empirical research in the field of disability to particular in the domain of intellectual and developmental challenges of childhood. The Amrit Foundation of India is keen to promote disability research in India. To tackle this, Amrit has taken an initial step to encourage disability studies at the Master’s level. Amrit announces the launching of its scholarship program for master level students for the year 2018-19.


a) They help to encourage research in the field of disability.

b) They help to stimulate young minds to work in the disability sector.

c) They help to bring in fresh perspectives to the field of disability.

d) They help to support the policy discourse of the country.

e) They also help to engage students more effectively in the nation building process.

Eligibility for Scholarship:

Applications are going on to the eligible applicants who share a synopsis of their thesis. Provide a copy of the ethics clearance from the relevant ethics review committee.

Eligible of candidates:

a) Be an Indian National.

b) Be under 40 years of age.

C) Be working towards a Post Graduate qualification in the field of:

d) Social Work


f) Physiotherapy

g) Pediatrics

h) Community Medicine

i) Economics

j) Management

k) related subjects.

Candidates must have completed a college approved Master’s level thesis on the subject of disability in India in the current financial year.


The scholarship will be provided to a maximum of two students. The scholarship carries an amount of Rs. 10,000 per candidate. The scholarship will be open for all research work on disability, with especial preference for studies on intellectual and developmental conditions.

Besides this, the scholarship will also provide an internship for a period of 2 months at Amrit Foundation of India.Must get a first-hand experience of a social sector organization working on disability issues.

Application Procedure:

Applicants should complete the Amrit Foundation of India – Scholarship Award for Master’s Students form to submit their resume and synopsis of the study. The synopsis should clearly outline the statement of problem, research question, research approach including design and sampling strategy, and key findings. Kindly fill the online application by clicking on the Amrit Scholarship Awards Form.

Application Period and Process:

Last date to apply for the position is Tuesday, 15 May, 2018.Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted to presenting their research work to the esteemed members of the Jury.

Notification of the Award:

Successful applicants will be notified by Amrit Foundation of India in June 2018.

Last date of online application: 15/05/2018

 To apply online Click here

Credit: http://amritfoundationofindia.in

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