How to prepare for Interview Top 7 Interview Tips

Top 7 Interview Tips

Top 7 Interview Tips

An interview is a final stage for getting the job. So everyone is feard about it. But you should not feel like others. Read these instructions of Top 7 Interview Tips and just follow it. We sure that It will help you a lot.

Which kind of dress should I wear for face interview? 

The dress code is a very vital point. So wear a simple and formal dress. Don’t try to be smart. Believe that you are smart enough. So it is unnecessary to make you smart for one day. Maintain simplicity like other days.  It will help you to build confidence level high.

How should I enter the interview room and take the seat?

Enter the room with greetings like good morning or others. Before enter must take permission. Wait till the panel request you to take the seat. Then simply take the seat and look to the panel. Eye contact is very important.

How should I answer the questions?

It is common fact that they will try to make you confuse. So many times they may ask you more question at times. In this case, you should answer one by one. as they ask you try to maintain their orders. At the time of answer keep eye contact. If a different one asks the different question at a time then keep eye contact with everyone. Don’t try to give more answer or long answer. Remember that your answer will short. They may ask you more questions depending on your answer. If you don’t know an answer to their question. Straitly say that I can’t remember it at this moment. Be careful about it that time is most important. So waste the time and never try to create an answer at that moment. It may harm your confidence level. Avoid confusing answer or doubt.

What should I read for Interview?

There is no specific syllabus for the interview. So know about your city, district and country. Thay may ask on your subject. So learn your subject. Know the details about your post you applied for. Always think positive.

If I can’t answer any question then?

Remember that they will check your personality. It is not an exam. So It may not harm you. Just be positive. After all, you may select for the job.

Should I answer them in English or my mother tongue?

Yes, you can answer in your mother tongue. But it depends on the post you applied. If there is mentioned that the language English is mandatory or English shud be primary then you can’t. But we will suggest to you before the start in mother tongue must take permission. If they permit you then no problem.

What will happen If I mislead them?

It is the worst plan.  Never try to mislead them. remember that they are highly qualified. So they know what they are asking you. If you try to mislead them they will easily catch you. And they may kick out you. So you will not get the job.

These are top 7 interview tips.

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There are lots of mistakes in this post. I wonder why did you even publish it!